Green Bay Packaging

In the beginning of 2007 the new owners of an outdated corrugating facility was faced with either modernize the operation or not keep up with the new and existing customer demands on production. Being one of the leaders in the industry the decision was made to completely revamp the entire facility. The challenge ahead again was to remove all existing equipment and install new equipment while keeping the plant in full operation 7 days a week. All of the foundations, rigging, electrical and mechanical piping were done in conjunction with our designers and Green Bay engineers. All of the utilities suppling the plant were either upgraded or replaced. The end result was a state of the art corrugating facility with the ability to increase daily output making them more efficient. We welcome these challenges and work very closely with the client on this type of project.

One of four new foundations for flexo-press including all utilities for each machine.

Installation of two new automatic board transport system.

General view of completed operations.

Upgrades to exisiting corrugating line.

Overhead scrap collection system with new discharge converyors.

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